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Recycled Paper


  • How often should I change my toothbrush?
    Every 2-3 months. We wanted you to have one less thing to think about so we made it easy for you. Our Adult Smile Kits are designed to hold a 3-month supply of floss. Our Kid Smile Kits have enough flossers for a 2-month supply. Once the floss and flossers run out, you know it’s time to change your toothbrush. You’re welcome! 😊
  • Are your products dentist-recommended?
    Our products are dentist-designed and approved by our two founding dentists (also besties!) who, individually, have 22 years experience as clinicians in private practice, and a combined 18 years experience as dental hygiene instructors.
  • Where are your products manufactured?
    Our products are manufactured in China using bamboo and sugarcane naturally grown in China.
  • Are the Dupont Tynex bristles BPA-free?
    Yes, our bristles are BPA-free and phthalate-free.
  • Do you have soft, medium and hard options for the toothbrush bristles?
    As dentists in both education and private practice, we only recommend soft bristle toothbrushes. Not only are they gentler on your teeth and gums, their pliable nature makes it easier to clean hard-to-reach areas in the mouth thus achieving a better clean.
  • Are your products biodegradable?
    With a few small exceptions, yes! In fact, most of our products and packaging can either be recycled or composted. Our floss is compostable in both industrial composting facilities (please check your home state for facility locations) and your home compost heap (this may take longer but an easier option). The bamboo handles of our flossers and toothbrushes are compostable if you remove the bristles, staples and floss. Our bamboo floss holder is compostable if you remove the small metal piece used for cutting the floss. This metal piece can be thrown in your home recycling bin. Our recycled cotton canvas bags we package our products in are both reusable and biodegradable. Our cardboard packaging can be composted or recycled.
  • What about the toothbrush bristles? Are those recyclable?
    In theory, yes. Most types of thermoplastic can be melted down and recycled. However, the types of plastics that are processed by recycling plants can vary significantly, even between different municipalities of the same city! If there is a nylon/plastic recycling facility in your area, you are “greener” than most states as there are only about 198 plastic recycling plants in the US (we know, a lot of work needs to happen to achieve that BEST EARTH dream!). Find out more about the US’ recycling programs and efforts here:
  • How do I dispose of my BE GOODs products?
    Our products are almost completely compostable. We still haven’t found an option for bristles that’s suitable for home composting, but we’re working on it! Here’s how to dispose of your BE GOODs product at the end of their lifecycle: Our floss, flosser handles, floss containers and toothbrush handles are biodegradable and can be composted at home or in an industrial compost facility. Cutting the PLA filament into small pieces before leaving it in your personal compost pile will help to break it down faster. Depending on your local conditions, it can take a very long time until PLA bioplastic is fully broken down, about a year in wet climates and even longer in dryer climates. In industrial composting facilities where higher composting temperatures can be reached, this can be achieved in 3-6 months. The only parts of our products that aren’t biodegradable are the small metal piece on the lid of our floss container, the nylon filament in our flossers, the nylon bristles in our toothbrushes and the metal staples in the toothbrush head. Be sure to remove these before composting. The staples and the metal piece can be recycled in your home recycling bin. We’ve found that the easiest way to remove the bristles is to snap off the head of your toothbrush using a pair of pliers. If you have a little more time though, pull out each bristle with pliers (I assure you, it doesn’t take much time, either). Want even more Earth-loving brownie points? Consider reusing your toothbrush before disposing of it. Works well as a nail brush, for scrubbing tiles, as a fireplace starter, as a plant marker, or as a chew stick for pet birds.
  • Do you offer free shipping?
    We offer free shipping for orders $50 and above.
  • When will my order ship?
    Orders are usually shipped out within 3 business days. You will receive an email with a tracking number as soon as your order is shipped, meaning you can compulsively refresh your browser to track your order’s progress as it zooms its way to your doorstep (we know, dental care is exciting). It may take up to 48-72 hours for your tracking information to update.
  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?
    From the time it is shipped out, most packages take about 3-10 business days (depending on your location) to arrive.
  • Where’s my order?
    Can’t find your shipping confirmation or have other questions about your order? Email us at All BE GOODs products are shipped from California via USPS regular shipping. Sorry, we do not do 1- or 2-day shipping options.
  • WHY? But I want it NOW…
    Online shopping can be a double-edged sword for the environment. It has always been considered a more sustainable option than brick-and-mortar shopping. In fact, a study by Carnegie Mellon’s University’s Green Design Institute found that an e-commerce model reduces environmental impact with 35 percent less energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions than what is produced in the traditional retail shopping model. On the flip side, rush shipping has a hidden cost to the environment. Fewer opportunities to lump deliveries together leads to more trucks on the road and higher greenhouse gas emissions. The beauty of shipping through USPS is the ability to consolidate products and delivery via an established postal route that is followed 6 days of the week, whether you have mail or not. Consolidating these products for delivery using one route significantly cuts down ours and your carbon footprint. I know. Who wants bad breath, right? So, if running out of our products gives you panic attacks, order our refill kits in bulk here.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    As of now, we do not ship internationally. We are hoping we will be able to in the future so we advise regularly checking our website.
  • Oh no! My items arrived damaged. What do I do?
    We are so sorry to hear this. Please email us at with your order number and a photo of the damaged items and we will help you out asap.
  • Can I cancel/change or add to my order?
    Mistakenly order 18 refills? (Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing--your smile is important, after all.) No worries. Email us with subject CANCEL at with your order number within the hour of clicking that ORDER button so that we can intercept it before it gets shipped. Once an order is processed after that hour window, unfortunately we cannot cancel or make changes to the order anymore.
  • What’s your return policy?
    We want you to be happy with greening your dental routine! We strive to make sure each item is as perfect as can be given the nature of the materials, but if you’re not satisfied with your order for any reason, we’ll provide you with a refund (minus original shipping charges) within 30 days of purchase. Just email us at, including your name, order number, and reason for return, and we’ll refund your purchase minus original shipping charges. A refund (minus original shipping charges) will be made upon our receipt of your returned items within 30 days of original shipment date. We do not cover return shipping. Please select a shipping method that provides a tracking number and delivery confirmation as we will not be responsible for lost returns. Please include your name and order number inside the packaged items so that we can process your refund asap. We will not provide a refund for a return request made 30 days after the date of purchase.
  • I am interested in working with you. How do I contact you?
    You can reach us via FB and Instagram but the best way to reach us is to email us at with inquiries.
  • What are BE GOODs business hours?
    Feel free to contact us between 10am - 4pm PST, Monday - Friday (excluding holidays).
  • Where else can I buy BE GOODs?
    As of now, BE GOODs products are available for purchase only through our own website and exclusive dental office partners. Anyone claiming to sell our product outside of these are selling unauthorized products illegally. We do not accept returns or exchanges from unauthorized illegal resellers.
  • How do we give back?
    For every set you purchase, BE GOODs donates a toothbrush to organizations that work with in-need and at-risk populations. This year, we are partnering with VOICES Solano Youth Center, a youth-developed, youth-led emancipation center in Vallejo, California focused on supporting current and former foster youth transition into healthy adulthood. VOICES’ mission is to empower underserved youth, ages 16-24, by utilizing holistic services throughout their transition from systems of care, while building a loving community and establishing a solid foundation for a healthy future.
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