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The Adult Dental Kit Bulk Subscription includes 1000 Kits conveniently shipped every 6 months! Enjoy $100 off AND free auto-delivery every 6 months for each subscription.


Our Adult Dazzling Dental Kit includes 1 adult Bamboo Brush plus a 2-month spool of Fab Floss in a glass tube.


The Bamboo Brush:  Adult ergonomic Moso bamboo handle toothbrush with soft FDA-approved Dupont Tynex(™) nylon bristles.

The Fab Floss: Plant-based PLA filament coated with vegan candelilla wax.

PRO Adult Dental Kit Subscription (1000 kits)

Price Options
Ships every 6 months
Subscribe and save $100 every 6 months!
$3,900.00every 6 months until canceled
  • Let us help your office reduce the plastic waste our industry contributes to our environment by providing your patients with a planet-friendly option for their take-home kits.



    1. After brushing, rinse your toothbrush with water to remove food debris and toothpaste from the bristles.

    2. Using a towel, dry the bamboo handle and bristles.

    3. Store the bamboo toothbrush in a vented cup or toothbrush stand or better yet, horizontally on a stand. This is to prevent water accumulation on the bottom of the brush, which might cause mold to build up. Remember that since bamboo is an organic material, it might develop mold faster than an ordinary plastic toothbrush if not properly stored.

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